Ride Recommendations - Water Dog

When we were looking to open the shop, we specifically were looking for a location that was within riding distance to WaterDog Lake Park in Belmont. This is a little gem of a park that many people don't know about. Has about 10 miles of trail, much of which is singletrack designed and built by mountain bikers. Definitely worth checking out.

Here is a full map of WaterDog Lake (1.6 MB PDF file). We also have printouts of this map available at the shop - just ask.

Listed below are some of the WaterDog rides that would give you a good feel for the park and what it has to offer:

Never been to Waterdog? A guy who does professional video shooting took some of his time to connect video with a map (showing location) and contours to give you a feel for the various parts of the park. Viewable in lower resolution/small screen size (for slow connections) or higher resolution/larger screen size. Great way to see what the park is all about before you go there. Sound up!

Here are directions from the Shop to WaterDog - this page shows how to get there from the shop, but can just as easily be used to get there from 101 or the Belmont CalTrain station (for an auto-free ride).

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