Family, Fun, and Fireworks

Posted by Charles on July 3, 2015

We have had a pretty hectic week here at the shop, working diligently to get our customers geared up for the holiday weekend. Our AC system, consisting of whatever breeze we could fan into the shop, did its best for us, but we’re all cooked from Sedona Summer temperatures indoors and enduring heart flutters induced by too many iced coffees.

Think of us today as we wrap up the last two builds and a few repairs. And think about the clock we’re watching too, because at 7:00, we’re all out of here for the long weekend. Our Fourth of July weekend beckons with the promise of parades, beaches, bikes, and cooler temps. Passion will be closed all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday while we recharge and get ready for the next week. If you’re going to need any little bits from us to enhance your weekend, best get that out of the way right now. Its almost noon, and we’ll be on the trails before dark.

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