Closed Friday, July 4th

Posted by Charles on July 3, 2014

Hi All Our Wonderful Biking Friends,

We heard most of you are going to be hitting all your favorite trails tomorrow, enjoying the sun and wearing out rubber on your favorite steeds. Due to the unbelievable urge to do the same, we will be closed Friday July 4th. Perhaps we will see you out there on one of those awesome rides. Stop and have a chat and beer after as well? Anyway, we will resume normal hours again on Saturday from 9am-6pm. See you then!

From the crew of Passion Trail Bikes, enjoy your 4th!

Closed Easter Sunday, April 20

Posted by Charles on April 18, 2014

We’re hunting for easter egg shaped and colored rocks on top of Gooseberry Mesa. We hope you’re enjoying your Easter Sunday. We’ll be back in the shop tanned and tired on Tuesday, April 22 at 10 AM.

The Demo Run Down

Posted by Charles on March 20, 2014

Last weekend marked out Spring Demo Event here at the shop, which at times has been met with wet weather and/or conflicting schedules amongst our suppliers’ demo fleets. This year however, we toiled in 70 degree weather on perfectly tuned trails, and got to enjoy sending out over 70 different bikes from Santa Cruz, Juliana, and Ibis Cycles, as well as our own demo fleet. We had taken 230 reservations by end of day on Friday, but probably launched more than 260 rides under 130 different riders over the two day weekend. I am still tallying results and uploading photos.

A large group of Passion’s Most Passion customers and friend of the shop joined staff here and volunteers from Team Wrongway to not only roll out the bikes, but also put out a food spread of tasty breakfast treats in the morning, corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes on Saturday, and a stellar taco bar on Sunday. We had reps and fresh product from WTB, Fox Racing, Club Ride Apparel, and Allison from Arbor Vitae Massage here doling out massage sessions for fatigued riders. We hope to get another of these events off the ground this Fall, and might do something smaller focused on a single vendor on one or two Wednesday nights. What would you like to see?

Meanwhile, you can see what we had last weekend here, as I continue to upload.

Demo Days Bike Sale!

Posted by Charles on March 12, 2014

All new bike orders placed through this weekend will be discounted 10%, and will come with our meticulous build and fitting steps. We will tailor your bike to your specific ride intentions and goals, as well as your own personal preferences for tires, grips, saddle, and any other components. Add custom wheels? Sure! Change that Thomson seatpost out for a Reverb Dropper? Absolutely, and we will take the unused parts back in trade! And all at 10%. It’s a great way to save hundreds on a new bike, get a great build exactly the way you like it, but it’s this week only!

This discount also applies to orders for bare frames, and to any parts or accessories ordered or purchased at the same time as a frame or bike.

Furtados and Joplins, Nevins, Origins and Junos...OH MY!

Posted by Charles on March 5, 2014

I was really excited to get this news yesterday about next weekend’s demo event. Kathy Pruitt is going to bring an amazing lineup of women’s bikes available from Juliana — so ladies, get your reservations in now – especially if you’re planning to join the ladies ride on Saturday at 1PM or Sunday at 11AM

We now have 70 bikes lined up for test rides, available for rides either Saturday or Sunday, at 9:00, 11:00, 1:00, or 3:00. Please shoot an email out to (not a Facebook message) with the following information:

Bike Model and Number:
Bike Size:
Ride Time:
Ride Day:
Rider’s Name:
Rider’s Cell Phone Number:
Rider’s email address:

I want to know if you want us to put Shimano SPD’s on your demo bike, or flats, or if you are going to bring your own pedals. You can see the bike model names and numbers, and which bikes are available by going to this link.

If the bike has a rider’s initial in any time slot, it has been reserved for that slot, and you should choose another. I will update this sheet as quickly as I can, in the order in which the reservation requests arrive.

Furtados and Joplins, Nevins, Origins and Junos…OH MY!

Reserve Your Demo Bike Here!

Posted by Charles on March 1, 2014

OK, the reservation sheet is up! So far, we have 50 bikes lined up for test rides that weekend, available for rides either Saturday or Sunday, at 9:00, 11:00, 1:00, or 3:00. Please shoot an email out to with the following information:

Bike Model and Number:
Bike Size:
Ride Time:
Ride Day:
Rider’s Name:
Rider’s Cell Phone Number:
Rider’s email address:

I want to know if you want us to put Shimano SPD’s on your demo bike, or flats, or if you are going to bring your own pedals. You can see the bike model names and numbers, and which bikes are available by going to this link.

If the bike has a rider’s initial in any time slot, it has been reserved for that slot, and you should choose another. I will update this sheet as quickly as I can, in the order in which the reservation requests arrive.

I will be adding the Juliana models to the sheet this weekend, and perhaps a few others. Fox clothing and Club Ride will both be here on Saturday, showing off their new Spring lines, and Allison Reynolds of Arbor Vitea Massage will be here both days, offering up demonstrations and information on her Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, and Active Release Technique.

Shoot me an email if you have any questions, and I look forward to seeing y’all here that weekend! Also, if you already have at least as many bikes as need, and can’t resist any further temptation, come out as a volunteer for our event. In addition to our undying appreciation for you efforts here as a ride leader or bike wrangler, I am also offering up cash, liquor, or discounts to someone/s that will slave away at the BBQ and kitchen on Saturday. Inquire directly to

Passion Spring Demo Event Saturday and Sunday, March 15 and 16

Posted by Charles on February 25, 2014

Ibis, Santa Cruz, and Juliana Bicycles are all showing up here with their demo fleets and techs for a weekend filled with good rides on great bikes! Our most Passionate will be leading rides on both days that weekend at 9:00, 11:00, and 1:00, and you will be able to reserve specific bikes for your choice of ride or rides. All rides start and end at Passion, and you can follow one of our leaders, or take off on your favorite test loop. Transition back at the shop with the refreshments we provide, or hang out and chat with the reps and fellow riders.

I will post the link this weekend that will get you to our full roster and reservation page. From there you will want to let us know your weekend plan, and bring your friends for bikes, BBQ and some high quality gear and ride culture.

St Patty’s Week is our big Spring season kickoff, and the Demo marks the first full weekend of Daylight Savings Time! Change your clocks on Sunday March 9, and join us for the first Passion Wednesday Wride on March 12.

Passion Christmas Lights Wride, Wednesday Dec. 18!

Posted by Charles on December 18, 2013


Wednesday December 18 marks the return of Passion’s Christmas Lights Wride! Plan to meet at Passion at 7:00 that night with your well lit up bike and join us for a parade paced ride over to the fabulously decorated houses on Eucalyptus Street in San Carlos. Along the way, we will detour past some fancy displays in Belmont as well. This ride rolls along at a slow, social pace and is open to all ages, and we will be splitting the group into one each longer and shorter route to Eucalyptus, for those that want to ride just a little bit more, or the family friendly distance. Please do make sure if you bring your kids with you, that they have some experience riding in traffic and bring lots of lights.

This year we will retrace last year’s 8 mile route, and have a slightly shorter route for families. Both groups will meet up just before the peak of the light show, and all will return to the shop after about two hours for warm beverages and sweet treats. I expect and encourage themed costumes and festively lit up bikes . Last year achieved new decorative heights with a Belmont Police escorted launch, multiple Santa Suits plus Chris and Fred towing Santa’s terrestrial sleigh! The map will be finalized soon and published here, plus handed out that night. Passion will be hosting a post Wride happy hour in the Lounge with toasty refreshments and seasonal spirits. Please feel free to bring something to share either post ride or while we are out. Rumors are adrift of Sam’s mince pies, Heather’s chocolatey Buckeyes, and I am planning on a thermos of warm goodness.

How we do it

We will want to start riding as close to 7:00 as possible, so please plan to show up early, and really early if you still plan to set up lights, get dressed, or need help from the guys in the shop. We expect 70 or more riders for this event. This year, just like last, Belmont Police will escort us from the shop down Old County Road to the big empty lot on the corner of Ralston. When they give the go ahead, we will cross the tracks and El Camino as one big, loud, well lit festive group while they hold back traffic.

Their rolling support will continue up Ralson where they will block off oncoming traffic eastbound on Ralston long enough for our group to turn left onto 6th Avenue. We will gather again as a full group there at Twin Pines Park, where this map is marked with the red balloon. At this point, the Family Ride will do a loop around the big tree, and the Long Riders will bolt south to Cedar to they can grab the bonus climb and vistas on San Carlos and Carmelita. After their celebratory tree lap, the Family ride will also continue down to Cedar, but instead of climbing San Carlos, all Family will do a shorter climb up Carmelita , just long enough to meet the long riders head on.

Our entourage will then continue to regroup again at Arroyo before we loop around to do a slow crawl down Eucalyptus and then scurry back toward the shop. The Passion crew will put out some tasty snacks and beverages for a post ride gathering in the shop, and we also encourage you to bring a favorite holiday treat to share with the group.

Kevin plans on posting the event to neighbors along our route to encourage more of the cheering and encouragement we have been recieving from windows porches the last couple of years. I hope you can make it out for the fun with us this year, and if not, give us a shout as we roll by.


Santa Cruz Passion Demo Saturday, November 23

Posted by Charles on November 15, 2013

The Santa Cruz Demo fleet tours the world putting on demo events for anyone wanting to ride a Santa Cruz bike and next weekend they are making a stop here at Passion. Eric is rolling out an array of Bronsons, 5010s, Tallboys, and Tallboy LTcs to supplement our own fleet of Santa Cruz demos. All demo rides under two hours are free that day, but you must bring your pedals, some photo-id and a credit-card (for a damage deposit). We are meeting at the shop for bike selection and set up, and you will be riding from here to Waterdog Lake Park for a quick loop or two. I encourage a quick return to hop on a different bike for the full demo experience. The selection of bikes is vast, but it is first come first serve, so come early, and out of respect for the next rider, try to keep each ride under two hours.

The shop opens at 9:00 on Saturday and the demo bikes will start rolling out at 10:00. The Passion crew will have coffee out early and snacks all day.

Fleet Photo

Old School In Session

Posted by Charles on October 9, 2013

“We don’t have that technology any more.”

One of my mechanics said that to me twenty years ago. I cocked my head a little like a confused dog, and asked him to explain how that could be. If we had learned it, if we knew at one point, how could we not know it now? Of course, this was long before I was as forgetful as I am now.

I clearly remember a dozen years ago working in a busy service department in a high end shop in an affluent area, where we sold numerous expensive and technically advanced mountain bikes. Our focus was targeted closer to sales than service, and at one point it became clear our shop wasn’t maintaining our customers bikes on par with the level of their engineering. Enter the sales rep. Putting down his order board and away with his weekly specials, he rolled up his sleeves and embarked on an overhaul of a suspension system that had baffled my service manager and I.

Perhaps we should have been embarrassed by our lack of trying or insight, and maybe the rep was annoyed by it all, but he patiently persevered without judgement. In doing so, he built a platform from which our service department could ascend into better and more complicated service on these and other brand bikes. It likely balanced out for the rep over time, with him making only his meager base salary that day, but later benefiting from enhanced commissioned sales from my and other shops he supported and strengthened.

All this came to mind a couple weeks ago when we had what is now a vintage bike in the stand that needed a suspension service that baffled my lead mechanic. No worries Mike, I had a dissertation on this one a dozen years ago, put it in my stand and I will go through it. As bearings and collets have replaced bushings and spindles over time, It turns out the mechanics in my shop no longer (or never did) possess the technology that is required to keep this old thing functioning and on the trail. But I do. And I was able to appreciate the quality and design of this old beast as I worked on it, and convey that to the customer on pick up, helping to affirm his decade old decision to invest in this bike, this brand. And so nearly fifteen years later, this brand reaps a customer loyalty benefit by having had a specific sales rep represent it in the field back in the day.

I think about this now, whenever a rep takes an order from me which will result in some sort of a commission changing hands. And I think about how he represents his company, his brand, and then I wonder how I represent mine. I hope I do something today that makes your ride better a dozen years from now, if not today or right now. Something that makes Passion worthy of the money you spend when shopping here.